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Customer Testimonials

Service with a smile! Very professional, on time and super courteous. Manny did an amazing job with both our carpet and floors. I also really appreciated that he was able to schedule my appointment on such short notice. Will definitely be calling back!

Sarah R.


Having never had carpet cleaning done before I was a bit apprehensive for a multiple reasons. First of all I am a single woman who lives alone and I don’t necessarily feel comfortable having a bunch of dudes I’ve never met in my living room, not to mention my bedroom! Does it take a long time? Are these guys going to hang out and expect me to entertain them w/ polite conversation?

Secondly, I’m very environmentally conscious and will not allow the use of chemicals in my home.

Thirdly, my father warned me about becoming a victim of the ole’ bait and switch scheme where I would be quoted one price then charged a completely different price upon arrival.

With all these concerns running through my mind I almost decided to say fuhgetaboutit but after putting it off I finally decided to call and I am so glad that I did!

The cleaners arrived at the scheduled appointment time, they honored the estimate, used eco-friendly cleaning solvents, were quick, thorough and moved my furniture around at no additional cost.

They were consummate professionals who made me feel comfortable and safe. The cost was so affordable that I plan to make carpet cleaning a regular thing.

Ericka G.


We had a very good experience with this company. Manuel is very professional and knows what he is doing . He leaves everything super clean. An at a reasonable price. I would recommend this company for any kind of floor care. U will be happy with the outcome.

Lina M.


Manny was incredibly friendly and responsive from the start, when I emailed to inquire about a quote. After three calls to various floor-cleaning services, Mannix was the only one who said they could so all three kinds of floor. They came today and did an amazing job…WOW. I mean, WOW. We’ve had them for 10 years so there was built-up dirt that just made it look dingy, with the sections around our doors being the worst. The floor now looks as it did when it was first installed. Clean, bright, beautiful. The carpets are also spotless and the furniture has been moved back – another service (moving furniture) that two other companies said they would not do (??).

It’s easy to see that Manny really cares about the customer, making sure to respond in a timely manner and offering advice. The pricing is extremely fair, and there is event a new customer discount (10%). We would (and will!) use Mannix again and would recommend them to anyone.

Thanks Manny and team- the house looks fantastic!

Tag T.


Spectacular work! Manny refinished our floors and did a great job. These floors can be difficult to clean and refinish due to their highly porous nature. He was meticulous about the process and made sure it was done correctly. I highly recommend him to refinish your floors.

Christian C.


These guys did such a good job. I run an arts program for kids – so if you can imagine what our floors were like: clay, paint, and ink. Mannix cleaned our floors to look like new again.

Abira A.


Amazing service. We received exactly what we asked for thanks to Manny.
Will definitely use Mannix Floor Care in the future.

Thank you,
Karina C.


Highly recommended! Awesome results!! We made the mistake of using Mop and Glo on our bamboo floors which caused a buildup that would not come off at all. Our floors looked completely dull with shrikes every where. After many failed attempts of trying to get our floors back to their original condition and shine, I knew we needed to call upon some professionals. Mannix not only restored our floors but made them look even better then when they were first installed. All of the buildup is gone and our floors have this rich shine which looks amazing. Manny was very professional and made this whole experience super easy. We will definitely be using Mannix again!

Patch D.


Excellent work!! I was referred by my neighbor. I was very impressed by his work. He got all the stains out of my light-colored carpet. My carpet looks beautiful! I also like that he was very professional and took the time to go over the chemicals and products used and also answered all my questions. I would give this company 10 stars if I could. Definitely using them again.

Sandra M.


Amazing service and professional results. I did a little DIY project and installed some new flooring in my kitchen but at the end, the floor looked dull and dirty. I called Manny and he sealed and re-finished the whole thing. It looks better than new!

Salvador O.


Amazing work. I had the pleasure of having Manny and his crew come out and clean my floors that were in bad shape due to using mop and glow. The buildup was tremendous. Not only are my floors now spotless, they look just as good as they did when I first moved in. Along with my floors, I also had two rugs cleaned. They are perfect as well. Everything was done in a timely fashion and with care. The customer service is top notch. I highly recommend this company and plan to use them again for future work I need to have done.

Valerie T.


UNREAL! I was moving out of my old house and my landlord decided to be a full on dick and say he was not going to give me back my deposit until his floors were cleaned. This was after living there for two years. Pretty sure that is considered normal wear and tear. Anyway the deposit was $4200 and I was not about to let that slip away. The issue however is the floors are the dumbest thing ever. Tiny little pebble stones throughout the whole house. Do you know how much normal dust and grime you get in-between these things in two years, especially when living next to highland ave.

I was screwed….UNTIL!

I found Mannix. I called them and I spoke with the owner Manny. This guy is amazing. Give him your money. Hell give him more than he quotes you because he deserves it haha. This was on a Saturday that I called desperate. This guy was taking his kids to the LA fair! What an amazing dad! Anywho he told me not to worry as I was freaking out about the floors and not getting my deposit back. Said he would be there in the morning on a Sunday!

He shows up and in two hours, this place was cleaner than when the owner had installed it.

Don’t ask me how or what he used because I am pretty sure he is just the second coming of jesus when it comes to floor care hahah.

Anyway Mannix is the best! I don’t write reviews ever, this is the first in like two years, but when someone goes above and beyond and takes pride in their work they deserve to be recognized.

Great service, great prices, great results! CALL MANNY!

Ryan P.


Talk about customer service! This company cleaned our floors and deep cleaned our carpets at our fire house. He was always on time, easy to work with and performed an amazing job. Highly recommended from our Firefighters.

Josh N.


I found Manny online–my third time seeking someone to clean my very old floors. They were inside and had been redone about 20 years ago, just after we bought our house. Manny first came to test if he could do anything. The cleaning agent he brought didn’t work, so he sought out something else and returned to test it. It worked, and we set a date. He called before coming and arrived with his crew on time. It took a little over 4 hours, but honestly these floors shine like new. The previous business who had done this resurfaced the floors was out of business; Manny was our last hope. They cleaned up, and Manny told me to call if I wanted an additional coating of finish applied. One day later, I’m still delighted when I look at the floor. And, oh, yes, I will be calling him again, both to do the floor in my husband’s bathroom (he was dubious until he saw the results) and to clean a carpeted room.

Kathy W.


These guys are top-notch. I had a two-part repair & clean project that had to be done before business hours. I had been having trouble even finding someone to take the job. Manny met me onsite to spec it out, and they came in on two consecutive weekend days to get it done. Communication was excellent throughout, the crew was neat and professional, price was fair and they left my store sparkling. I will definitely call them for future floor needs.

Aaron N.